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“Beast Titan” – “Kemono no Kyojin” (獣の巨人)

As the encased Annie is taken into custody, Hange and her team discover the Titan sealed inside the walls and Pastor Nick of the Wall Cult appears urging them to cover it from sunlight. After the Titan is covered with sheets, Hange inquires Nick about why there is a Titan trapped inside the walls but he refuses to comply, even when she threatens to kill him. Meanwhile, Erwin is informed that Wall Rose was breached and Titans are roaming inside. 12 hours earlier, the rest of 104th Trainees are stationed on an outpost when Titans are seen advancing from the south. All soldiers are ordered by Mike Zacharius to spread out and inform the nearby villages and the capital about the Titans while he stays behind to halt them. After Mike buys enough time, he prepares to escape as well but is captured by a mysterious Titan covered in fur that is capable of speaking. Not getting any information from Mike, the Beast Titan strips him of his gear and leaves him to be eaten by the other Titans. Back at Stohess, Eren wakes up just before he and Mikasa are warned by Armin about the Titans that appeared.

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