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“Charge” – “Totsugeki” (突撃)

As the Armored Titan flees, Ymir removes Christa from her mouth and exits her Titan Form in order to explain her actions to Christa. She claims she is doing this only to save herself, as she believes that by handing Christa over to those outside the Walls she will be granted amnesty. Their conversation is interrupted by attacks from the Scouts, who have caught up to the Armored Titan. Christa convinces Ymir not to intervene as Mikasa desperately throws herself at Bertholdt to save Eren, only to be foiled when the Armored Titan surrounds the two with his hands. The rest of the 104th Trainees catch up with Mikasa and attempt to reason with Bertholdt to give up Eren, but Hannes orders them to scatter when he sees them charging straight towards a group of Titans baited by Erwin. As the Armored Titan is attacked by the arriving Titans, Erwin orders a charge but is carried away in the mouth of a Titan. Reiner, realizing he has no choice but to use his arms to defend himself, releases Eren and Bertholdt. Mikasa is severely wounded by a Titan while trying to save Eren, and only the intervention of Erwin, now missing an arm, frees him. As the Scouts retreat, Connie and Sasha retrieve Christa and explain that Ymir is lying as she would never harm her. The retreat is hampered by the Armored Titan, who has begun to throw Titans at the group, successfully knocking Eren and Mikasa off their horse. Helpless, they turn towards an approaching Titan, coming face-to-face with the same Titan that ate Eren’s mother.

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