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“Soldier” – “Heishi” (兵士)

Hours before the attack by the Titans at Castle Utgard, Connie discuss to his friends his belief that the Titan that was found at his house looked like his mother and believe it’s actually her only for Ymir to dismiss it as crazy talk. Later, Reiner thanks Ymir for helping distract Connie from what he said but discoverd she can read the language written on the castle’s foodstore when neither he nor their senior can understand it. Soon, the Titans attack which Nanaba and the Senior Scouts fight against them while Connie, Reiner, Bertolt, Ymir and Christa defends themselves against smaller Titans that have breached the castle. Just when it seems they won, the Beast Titan throws a boulder at the castle before leaving Wall Rose, killing Lynne and Henning, and a second wave of Titans attack the castle, overwhelming and killing the exhausted Nanaba and Gelgar. As sunrise arrives, Christa wants to fight to the end but Ymir reprimands her since their seniors sacrifice their lives to protect them. Knowing something has to be done to save their lives, Ymir tells Christa to remember the promise they made at the mountains and to live her life the way she wants before jumping off the roof and transforming into a Titan.

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