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“Warrior” – “Senshi” (戦士)

After the battle, the Scouts climb the wall nearest to Castle Utgard and prepare to take the comatose Ymir to Trost for medical attention. Shortly thereafter, the group spots Hannes, who reports the walls were never breached, much to everyone’s confusion. After Hannes leaves, Reiner and Bertholdt take Eren aside. Reiner casually reveals that he is the Armored Titan while Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan, and that their mission to destroy all of humanity can be avoided if Eren would simply come with them to their ‘Hometown’. An incredulous Eren asks if Reiner has lost his mind before the episode flashes back to 12 hours prior in Ehrmich District. The scroll that Sasha handed Hange contained a background report on Annie revealing that she, Reiner, and Bertholdt all come from the same area, and that all three had fragmentary background information available. After Hange asks the rest of the former cadets of the 104th for more information about the trio, they quickly realize that despite Annie never having been seen with Bertholdt and Reiner, the Female Titan somehow obtained the correct information on Eren’s true location within the formation during the 57th Expedition from Reiner’s team. Armin surmises that Reiner told Annie where to find Eren during their fight after he unknowingly told Reiner the truth. Hange orders everyone to keep an eye on Bertholdt and Reiner without tipping them off to the suspicion now surrounding them. Back in the present, Reiner says to Bertholdt that they need to finish their mission and go home, and despite a quick intervention by Mikasa, both shift into their respective Titan forms. The Armored Titan grabs Eren and heads down the wall as the Colossal Titan grabs Ymir. Feeling betrayed, an angry Eren shifts into his Titan form and begins to battle with the Armored Titan.

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